Dallas & Houston Apartment Cash Rebate

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Get a Cash Rebate From A OK Apartment Locators! To qualify, you must list A OK Apartment Locators on the guest card, lease application and lease. You will also need to list your A OK Apartment Locators’ name. If you have any questions, phone your leasing agent at 972.818.3456 or 281.206.0882.


To receive your rebate, the following restrictions apply.

A. All applicants over the age of 18 are required to write A OK Apartment Locators on the guest card, application, and lease. If there are two or more applications, be sure that everyone does the same.

B. Sign a twelve month or longer lease at the Dallas or Houston rental property you are moving into.

C. To qualify for $100 rebate the rent amount must be a minimum of $800.

D. Fill out the rebate form.

E. The property must be paying us at least a 50% commission.  The rebate can take 30-90 days to process depending on how quickly the property pays AOK.

A OK Apartment Locators does not sell customer information to outside sources or third party companies. All info., e-mail addresses, faxes, ect. will be kept confidential.


A OK Apartment Locators reserve the right to modify all rebates, policies, disclaimers, ect., at any time without notice. Rebates will be honored if the renter has met all terms and disclaimers.

Only one rebate will be processed per lease.

Only one person can claim the rebate for the apartment unit.

If you have lived in the same complex before, you cannot qualify for the rebate.

If you transfer or move to a related property, you cannot qualify for a rebate.

Rebate Process

User agrees to all the following rules regarding our rebate process. Renters who do not follow instructions, disclaimers, and rules will not qualify for a rebate.

A OK Apartment Locators must be listed on all guest cards, applications, and lease agreement(s) as the renters referral source.

Renter must sign a 12 month or longer lease. If A OK Apartment Locators does not receive compensation for any reason, the renter will be disqualified from any rebate. If the property the renter selects withholds its consent and doesn’t compensate A OK Apartment Locators for the renter’s lease, A OK Apartment Locators will not be obligated to pay a rebate or compensate the renter. The rebate is subject to the consent of the party the locator represents.

Renter must come back to www.aokapartmentlocators.com before the renter moves in and go to the Rebate Form. There the renter must provide A OK Apartment Locators with all required information requested on the Rebate Form.

Once submitted, A OK Apartment Locators will verify all the leasing information with the property. Should all terms and usage be followed with this website, then the rebate will be awarded. If any portion of these rules are compromised, the rebate will be void.